Kathleen Pagarassan

"Everyone's like 'It might not be worth your time,'' or 'I don't want to keep you,'' and I'm like I don't have anything to do right now" - Kat

Kathleen is the mother of Mia Pagarassan, star of media conglomerate dankcatmemes24_7 and founder and CEO of Mia's Empire.


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  • Kathleen Pagarassan
    Real name: Kathleen Pagarigan
    Title: Trash
    Born: 26 September 1995
    Age: 27
    Originally From: Okinawa, Japan
    Current Location: Glen Burnie, Maryland
    Parents: Momma Rose
    Rico Pagarigan
    Siblings: Krystle Pagarigan
    Affiliations: Mia's Empire,
    Abe and Lincoln's Services
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5ft 4inch
    First Appearance: 28 August 2013

    Early Life

    Kathleen was born in Bremerton, Washington and shortly after her parents moved to Japan due to her father serving in the US Navy. She was just a baby when she moved so she didn't really miss much of USA and as a result didn't have much difficulty adjusting to Japan. For the most part, Kathleen grew up in a US military base, but that didn't stop her from exploring the culture and food of Japan she loves so much.

    During her 11 years in Japan, she grew up surrounded by sights and sounds of both the city and lustrous country side of Okinawa. She learned to cherish any time she spent with her friends as military families moved around all the time. She grew up the way many kids do, exploring boundaries, being mischievous, but also good natured and kind at heart, traits that she shares to this day. This is also the time she fostered her love for animals. Being surrounded by so much natural beauty, it was inevitable that she would have many pets such as cats, hamsters and she even adopted a pet turtle from her friend.

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    Kathleen and Krystle

    But eventually, it was time for Kathleen to move back to the United Status. She was sad to leave behind her friends, the live she had in Japan, and the pets she grew up with. Legend has it she left the turtle in a pond nearby. She was nervous but also excited to experience a new adventure in the States. In the US, Kathleen faced another challenge: readjusting to a new culture and way of life. She missed Japan and her friends as her new school just didn't share the same level of diversity, but it was during this time she found music as a means to escape from the perils of Edgewood High school. She also had a new friend at home, Max, who her dad had found at work, lost and in need of a loving home. Eventually, with enough hard work and perseverence, she became a leader in marching band and it also gave her the room to focus on her studies as she became one of the top students in her graduating year.

    Kathleen's time in Japan really shaped her in ways she could never have imagined and it really sets the tone of her character throughout the show. She had developed a deep appreciation for different cultures and ways of life, and she carried these lessons with her as she embarked on a new adventure as an undergraduate student at UMBC.

    Season 1

    It was the first day of college, and Kathleen felt a mix of excitement and nervousness as she walked in early to her first college class, English 100. She had spent the last few days unpacking, getting to know her roommates, and exploring this newfound freedom. She finds herself an open seat, not too far back in the class that others might think she is a slack, plus she needed to be able to actually see what the professor was writing, and also just not too up front to seem like one of the nerds. This was a new environment, another opportunity, and it was just the fresh start she was looking for to build her reputation as someone who could one day be the head of a media conglomerate (spoilet alert). As she waited, in came Nabil, barely making it in time before the professor was about to start her class. Kathleen tried not to pay any attention to him, but what the fuck, who holds a pen like that, she thought.

    The following week, Kathleen is put into groups of four by her English professor. She couldn't believe this boy was in her group, but as class went on, she realized he wasn't half as dumb as he seemed. So, Kathleen decided to introduce herself later as she was leaving their group meeting with her friend Banitta, she decided to say, "Hey, look, it's Nabil!" The three of them hung out afterwards and exchanged contact info. Over the next few weeks, Kathleen and Nabil became inseparable. They spent hours texting, laughing and exploring the city around their school.

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    Kathleen and Nabil

    As the semester went out, Kathleen and Nabil's friendship deepened, and Kathleen began to realize her feelings for Nabil. Yes, he was a little weird at times, like watching American Psycho on a first movie date, but he was still very charming. So when Nabil Asked Kathleen to be his girlfriend on November 25, 2013, she was ecstatic to know he felt the same way. Sure, he warned that he has difficult parents, but who doesn't and it's not like Kathleen was ready to tell her parents about Nabil either. Kathleen and Nabil explored a lot over the rest of the year, they tried new food together, went to Great Falls, found a new park that they explored together, things were going great. But back at her dorm, a storm was brewing between Stephanie and Olivia, her roommates. She was glad Nabil was there with her during this time. Eventually, Nabil met Kathleen's sister. Nabil met Kathleen's parents while helping her move stuff when she was going off to winter break. Kathleen's dad gave Nabil the death stare, as any father would. Things were going great but Kathleen would have never imagined that she was dating the Brown Price of Bangladesh. It was the beginning of a classic mix of Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella story. The season closes with Kathleen moving out as she would no longer live on campus and Nabil and Kathleen were not sure how they would see each other over the summer break.

    Season 2

    Season two was mostly the same as before. Kathleen and Nabil learned more about each other. Kathleen and Nabil also got caught by the police and the police asked if Kathleen wanted to be there. Which she felt super embarassed about. One afternoon Kathleen and Nabil went back to her place and Kathleen's dad showed up unexpectedly. Kathleen shut the door and made Nabil run to the basement. She then proceeded to distract her father as Nabil snuck out the rear basement door and jumped over the fence. Kathleen and Nabil's relationship grew stronger as the chaos in Nabil's house became worse. Eventually Nabil got a job as a RA and Kathleen felt so happy for him. The season ends with Nabil failing his classes out of the stress of having to sever tier with his family for leaving home and not being able to get the job.

    Season 3

    After a long and tough summer, the season continues with Kathleen and Nabil doing mostly the same things. Kathleen has one of her toughest semester yet. A. Chem and P. Chem were really kicking her butt. She slept on the cough some nights trying to catch up on homework. And while in school, she really tried not to get distracted by Nabil but it was the one place she felt she could go to escape from all the stress. Kathleen's classes were a bit easier this semester, she met a new friend named Nhu and she was also doing research with her P. Chem professor. Things were going well. Kathleen finally went to New York City with Nabil after missing out on previous trips hosted by the SEB. It was their first out of state trip. Kathleen was looking forward to finishing this semester and starting on her final undergraduate year before all hell breaks loose.

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    Kathleen and Nabil

    One early morning in May, right before the finals were to start, Kathleen gets a message from Nabil stating that his parents knew about him and that they were trying to send him to Bangladesh. Kathleen felt devastated for Nabil and their relationship. As Nabil devises his masterplan to run away from home, Kathleen didn't want to stand between Nabil and his family, but she wanted to be there for Nabil regardless of what he chose. Few weeks later on a cool late spring morning, Kathleen picks up Nabil and Simon as they make a getaway. Kathleen lets Nabil leave Simon at her parent's place until he could move into a place of his own. It was one of the toughest times of Nabil's life and Kathleen made sure she was there for him. She finally confessed to her mom that she was dating Nabil. She was nervous and yet glad to finally get that off her chest.

    Season 4

    Kathleen is ready to finish the final stretch of her college. Nabil also has his own place now and Kathleen loves being able to visit him whenever. She spends the night with him for the first time. Kathleen is also amazed by what a sweet boy Simon is. Her classes were tough but things were going well. She only has one semester left. She starts working in JcPenney to start earning some money. Eventually one of her colleagues tells her about an opporunity in APG. Kathleen was excited about potentially having a job before graduating. Kathleen finally graduates from UMBC. She musters up the courage to tell her dad about Nabil as he teases her about him. She is excited to be working in research.

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    Kathleen and Simon

    Season 5

    Things are going well for Kathleen. She has a job she loves. Although things can be stressful at home as she is still working in JcPenney part time. She is also taking some more classes. It was very tough and even affecting her relationships at home. She was visiting Nabil a lot more often. He lived with a new roommate and it made it difficult to find time to be alone, but things were great. Kathleen buys her first car, it was stressful but Nabil made sure to go with her and help negotiate for her. It wasn't that fruitful and Kathleen couldn't understand why he wanted to negotiate so badly. She was excited to be buying her first car and she wanted to drive it home already. It was everything she wanted. This is also around the time Kathleen becomes the mother of Koda and Moose, gaining her the title "Mother of Rats."

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    Mother of Rats with Koda and Moose

    Season 6

    Kathleen continues to get better at her job. She becomes really close with her new friend Cecil. She loves her job, and even though it is stressful at times, she has some great coworkers. Nabil and Kathleen go to Seattle for the first time together. Nabil now understands that West coast is best coast. Kathleen goes to California for work travel and Nabil was able to join her later. It was their very first time traveling alone. Before the end of the season Kathleen picks up Lincoln with Nabil. She couldn't believe what a sweet boy he is. And he was so fast that they ended up naming him Hot Wheels.

    Season 7

    The season starts with Kathleen and Nabil traveling to the Outer banks. They have an amazing trip together. One day during lunch Kathleen and Nabil goes to a seafood buffet and she could not believe how good the crabs were. She thought she was done eating so she got up to wash her hands only to come back with more crabs. By the time she was leaving the restaurant, she didn't want to think about for a long time. Later in the season, Nabil injured his knee again after injuring it back in Season 5. This time he has to get a surgery. Kathleen felt so stressed as she didn't know how his surgery went but she was glad to finally get a text from him. She didn't know when she would see him again as he can't drive for a while, but Kathleen looked after Lincoln and Abe on Nabil's behalf. Nabil slowly gets better and he even has his first big job. To celebrate Nabil's birthday, they take a food trip to NYC, but it would be their last trip for a while as Covid takes over the entire world and brings everything to a halt. The season ends with the devastating news of Simon's passing as cancer takes over Simon's body.

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    Kathleen and Nabil in NYC

    Season 8

    While the whole world is shut down due to Covid, Kathleen finds new hobbies to keep her busy. She is really enjoying the time off from work, but with everything shut down, it became rather repetitive. She does manager to pay off her student loans. She felt very proud of herself and she celebrated it with a dinner at a nice restaurant with Nabil. It was also a present to herself for her birthday. Kathleen's parents start to get to know Nabil more and take a liking to him. Kathleen helps Nabil move into a new apartment. She even helps him by getting on the lease with him. Kathleen would occasionally run with Nabil in the evenings as she prepares for her first ever half marathon. Nabil was still healing from his knee surgery but he was starting to get in shape. He was still too slow for her though. Soon after finishing her first half marathon run Kathleen starts to bike with Nabil. One cool summer evening after getting with a new friend, Kathleen parks in front of Nabil's house to be approached by a cat she did not expect. She brings her in as Kathleen doesn't know what to do. Kathleen never imagined how much she would love this cat as she already had so many other cats in her life, but something about this cat, she just couldn't explain it. She was in love and she wanted everyone to see this girl that she loved so much. Kathleen ends up starting a new channel just for her daughter Mia, dankcatmemes24_7. It was quite the hit and both her and Mia loved it. Later that year Kathleen and Nabil goes to Dallas together with their new friends. She was surprised to see how much Asian culture was in Dallas.

    Season 9

    Kathleen felt stressed for still being at her same job for so long as most of her colleagues have moved onto other things. Kathleen eventually finds a new job at the same institute with the help of her friend Dom. She could not believe how much they were offering her, but it also made her realize the possibilities. Kathleen was also having trouble getting Mia to understand that she doesn't live on the streets anymore, as Mia struggled with her illness. Kathleen explained to Mia that she doesn't need to feel threatened by Max or Mina. Kathleen also starts trying out new hobbies like axe throwing, rock climbing, and even playing in a volleyball recreational league. Kathleen start collecting plants as well and as much as she loves it, it was quite a lot of work and she just could not get rid of these God dang spider mites.

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    Kathleen and Nabil in Seattle

    Later that season, Kathleen finally gets a place with Nabil. It was her very first apartment and she finally lived with Nabil after so long. Although, it didn't really feel all that different after spending every weekend with him over the last few years. Although Kathleen just couldn't believe how much Nabil worked. Sometimes she would barely seem him even though they lived together. Kathleen and Nabil visit Seattle again to see Kathleen's sister.

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    Kathleen at Sushi Nakazawa

    Season 10

    Kathleen finally meet's Nabil's family. It was so sudden, she could not believe it. She was nervous at first about meeting Nabil's mom, but she was rather surprised by how nice she was and the best part was that her food slaps. Nabil finds a new job that he loved and Kathleen was very happy for him. She was excited about this new chapter in their life. Nabil even finished college (Finally). Things were getting serious and Kathleen was seeing Nabil's family more and more often. Kathleen started to talk to Nabil about their future more and she felt ready. She knew he was going to propose as she helped him pick out the rings she liked.

    On March 5th, 2023, Nabil brought Kathleen to Patapsco State Park where he proposed to Kathleen.

    Favorite Foods

    • South East ASIAN FOOD
    • East ASIAN FOOD
    • South ASIAN FOOD


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    Axe throwing

    • Hiking
    • Biking
    • Running
    • Volleyball
    • Traveling
    • Cooking
    • Plants
    • Photography


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    Look at my girl

    • "Look at my girl" - Kathleen
    • "Look at my girl" - Kathleen
    • "Look at my girl" - Kathleen
    • "Look at my girl" - Kathleen
    • "I'm trash, we're all trash" - Kathleen