Mia Pagarassan

"Trash? Everything is Trash and I rule it all and if you disagree I’ll put a claw in the back of your fucking head." - Mia

Mia Pagarassan is the star of media conglomerate dankcatmemes24_7 and founder and CEO of Mia's Empire. After 6 long and critically acclaimed seasons, the star, Mia Pagarassan, makes her initial appearance on the finale of 8 season.


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  • Mia Pagarassan
    Real name: Mia Pagarassan
    Title: Trash queen
    Born: 11 September 2019
    Age: 4
    Originally From: Glen Burnie, Maryland
    Current Location: Glen Burnie, Maryland
    Parents: Kathleen Pagarassan
    Nabil Pagarassan
    Siblings: Abe Pagarassan,
    Lincoln Pagarassan,
    Mina Pagarigan,
    Max Pagarigan
    Affiliations: Mia's Empire,
    Abe and Lincoln's Services
    Gender: Female
    Size: Small
    First Appearance: 11 September 2020

    Early Life

    It should be noted that many details of Mia's early life may have been exaggerated or mythologized as we have little evidence presented throughout the series beyond Kathleen's imagination.

    As a young kitten, Mia had learned to fend for herself on the streets of Glen Dirty. She was a scrappy little thing, always on the lookout for scraps of food to eat and new places to explore. One day, Mia came across a pile of trash that had been left out by the dumpster behind a local restaurant. As she dug through the debris, she found a few morsels of food that were still good enough to eat. Mia was hungry, and she couldn't afford to be picky. As she licked her paws clean, Mia looked around at the bustling city streets. She knew that she was just one tiny creature in a big, scary world, but she refused to let that intimidate her. Instead, Mia took in everything around her, exploring every nook and cranny of the neighborhood. She could not believe how many of these dumpsters were left unattended around the city. So much food just being thrown out. That night Mia realized that she didn't want to be scared anymore, she wanted to rule this big world. She decided that if she was make her own empire, she needed to control the food supply chain.

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    Mia as a baby

    How exactly Mia rose to power over the next year is left largely unexplained, however by the start of season 7, Mia ruled all the dumpsters in Glen Burnie, Maryland. She had become a legend, feared by all the cats. Everyone knew who those dumpster's belonged to, and they knew not to question her authority.

    Season 8

    It was a cool summer evening in Glen Burnie, Maryland, and Mia was out for her usual evening stroll. As she meandered through the neighborhood, she came across an enticing pile of garbage that had been left out for the next morning's pickup. Mia couldn't resist the temptation and began to rommage through the discarded items. She found a few scraps of food that were stille dible and gobbled them up quickly. But as the night wore on, Mia realized she wanted Mia's empire to be more than just the dumpsters of Glen Burnie. Mia sat and pondered what her next steps should be as she gazed at the stars of the Milky Way Galaxy. A black Mazda 3 hatchback pulled into the parking lot, it had scratches on the sides, a few dents and chips here and there. Mia tried to pay no attention to it, she couldn't help but notice the girl that came out of this scrappy Mazda 3. She couldn't believe what she saw with her eyes. Mia thought to herself, "She is the most beautiful trash Mia have ever seen." Mia knew at this moment that she wanted this trash. It was in Glen Burnie after all, therefore it was her trash! She approached Kathleen and Mia was surprised how kind Kathleen was towards her. She soon realized that Kathleen loved cats. Kathleen scooped Mia up and brought her inside and Mia was in awe. Mia could not believe how much trash was being hoarded by these humans.

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    Mia checking up on dankcatmemes24_7

    Over the next few days various humans came by and gave her love. Mia was surprised to learn that humans can be so kind and loving towards cats. One human even cried, Mia wasn't sure why she was crying, it's as she was the Second Coming they had been waiting for. Mia realized ruling humans may not be so difficult after all, she thought to herself, "There's already two mediocre boys ruling them, how much more difficult can it be for me to take their place?" Mia thought that if she can rule the humans well then Mia's empire practically rules the world. This was Mia's chance to fulfill her legacy. Soon Mia was brought to Kathleen's parents house and Mia really loved all the new trash in this house. There was one small problem. There were two other cats in this house, but like she said, "They are a small problem."

    Season 9

    Mia wakes up at a hospital. She felt something missing on her stomach, someone had removed a golden patch of fur from there, but she was too dizzy to investigate further. She was lightheaded and went back to sleep. Later she woke up in her bed at her new home. Things have been great here. Everyone loved her. The new food she was eating didn't taste as good as the trash she was so used to eating back in Glen Burnie but at least there was plenty of it and it was always on time. Mia was starting to get along with her new pals in the house, Max and Mina. Mina was always cautious of Mia though. Max being around humans all his life was a little more indifferent towards her. He was already having to share his mom with Mina, what's another cat? Plus Kathleen is the one that doted on Mia anyways, and he didn't care much for her. Although Mia was getting comfortable with her new siblings, she hadn't lost sight of her goal to expand Mia's Empire.

    Mia wasn't sure what had changed over the next few months but Mia started to feel more and more paranoid. Maybe it was what they did to her back in the hospital, she thought that maybe the cat doctor broke her brain but she wasn't sure. She just didn't feel the same anymore. No one knows how it began but one morning Mia just lashed out and pounced on Max. Max was too old to be able to defend himself and only managed to escape with the help of Kathleen and Momma Rose. Mia felt horrible. She could tell she had disappointed her precious Trash momma and all she wanted to do was to take it all back. She thought that maybe it was something Max said about Mia's past on the streets of Glen Burnie, but Mia couldn't be sure. She couldn't remember any of it. Anytime she tried to remember her mind just went blank. To help Mia with her outbreaks, the Pagarigan family started to separate Mia. It was for their safety and it was for the best. Mia had a reputation to manage and her illness was starting to reflect poorly on her, but she knew that as long as she had Kathleen things will work out just fine.

    Although Mia wasn't sure why she was having these outburts, she was happy to learn about dankcatmemes24_7 show that Kathleen had started. Apparently it was doing very well and people were starting to notice Mia. She was starting to become a celebrity of sorts. Mia knew this was a great opportunity to recruit more trash to run her empire. She would often check how the stats were on her new show. It was the one thing she felt was going well for amidst all the chaos at home.

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    Mia and the boys

    Just as Mia was starting to get used to her new routine. She moved to a new house with Kathleen. Mia was very nervous about this new house, it was much smaller than the one she had lived in for the past year, but there was an odd sense of familiarity. Maybe it was the fact that there were two new cats, maybe it was the scent of the man she kept smelling on Kathleen, or was it the scent of the outside world. Mia soon realized she was back in Glen Burnie, back to her roots. Eventually Mia met the new resident cats, Lincoln and Abe. Mia was initially wary of Abe's size, but she soon realize it was all just a fluff. Mia was starting to get comfortable and just when she felt like she was better, it struck when she least expected. She blacked out and before she knew, Nabil was grabbing her and she was on top of Lincoln, fur in her mouth. She was locked away and she wasn't sure what happened. She couldn't remember anything.

    Season 10

    Over the next few months Mia and Abe's relationship got better. She was starting to get used to the new house and best of all, she still got to go on vacations to her old house. Things seemed to be going well. She had a bit of scuffle with Lincoln, but that's alright. She knew he wasn't much of a threat. He just likes to act tough just like Abe. She lets him have this little boost of pride in the hopes that if she ever goes crazy again, maybe he would have a shot at stopping her from ending it all. She also really enjoys playing with Abe on downtime when she didn't have any photoshoots or on set for dankcatmemes24_7.


    Mia's relationship with others are rather complex. She does well with humans, but has one main human, her favorite trash, her Kathleen. She is starting to like Nabil but he could never replace Kathleen. She dispises Max for not realizing how good he has it. She feels like she needs to defend Mina from Max and thus she needs to put this old cat back in his place. Mia respects Mina. Mia feels that Mina is the one sister that Mia never had. And the fact that Mina gave birth, she really admires Mina for having the courage to do that as Mia knows she will never be able to experience that. Mia is also starting to respect Lincoln. She thought he was just like Max, but soon realized that he is just dumb. If he says anything, it's cause he is just scared and doesn't really know better. She is impressed by his resilience and she respects him for being the first cat to be able to hold their own against her. Mia has a soft spot for Abe. Mia understands what it's like to not be able to know what's wrong with you. She can sympathize with Abe's inability to tolerate humans and not knowing why as she is also unable to explain her outburts. She also finds him to be quite good at running, she has never seen another cat so fast.


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